VetSCOPE and Vetstoria announce partnership

We are elated to announce that Vetstoria is now fully integrated for use with VetSCOPE. Irish veterinarians, particularly those who treat small animals, will be able to save hours of administration time every week, enabling front desk staff to focus more on patient care and less on the phone.

Our CEO, Stephen Lawler, welcomed the news saying:

“An online booking system which frees up busy administration staff has been a request from our customers. We have worked with the leading online booking system in the world, Vetstoria, to provide the link to VetSCOPE.

Clients may now make appointments on their veterinary practice website and the appointment will appear directly in the VetSCOPE calendar within specified rules which keeps you in control.

This can be a game-changer in many practices which may have been struggling to cope with increased demand in small animal appointments in recent years.”

This integration had been highly anticipated, as explained by Vetstoria CEO, Julien Renard:

“It’s fantastic that we are finally able to announce the partnership. We have heard positive feedback from a mutual client so far. I’m sure more and more clinics will join and start benefiting from the integration which our engineers, on both sides, have done a great job on.”

The best way to start exploring this integration is by booking a quick ten minute call with one of Vetstoria’s product specialists for a demo where you can explore the options that will work for you.

If you are using VetSCOPE and would like to learn more, book a Vetstoria demo at the link below.

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