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VetSCOPE software has many unique features which are designed specifically for large animal practices. VetSCOPE enables you to:

  • Maintain drugs register

  • Manage herd health

  • Ensure staff productivity

  • Edit calls

  • Work remotely, from the farm or on the road

Benefits for large animal practices


VetSCOPE allows you to quickly and easily enter large animal dockets. The client details can be selected by entering all or part of their name and/or address (there’s no need to remember codes). Selecting drugs and treatments is just as easy, once selected the description of that drug or treatment is entered along with appropriate pricing. If you change the dosage the pricing automatically changes and you can select and add a handling fee to cover syringes, needles and more.


In VetSCOPE the drugs register is automatically completed when you select a medication. As part of the system you can access a dropdown list to select the current batch numbers in stock. You can also use a barcode scanner to select the exact item and even read in the correct batch number and expiry date from the bottle. All drugs register information can be edited on a case-by-case basis and VetSCOPE allows you to email your drugs register by day, week, month or for a particular client or for all clients. In fact, the register is completely searchable, even by tag and batch number.


Maintaining an up-to-date price list is vital for the success of your practice, something which can be difficult with supplier prices and buying patterns constantly changing. When the cost price of an item changes Purchase Invoice Processing (PIP) in VetSCOPE allows you to update your retail price with just one click. By simply entering the supplier invoice into the system you automatically change the retail price maintaining your margin on any updated items. In a busy practice this could have an effect of 10-20 per cent on your gross profit.


The linked procedures function in VetSCOPE allows for a ‘standard procedure’ to be created in the price list for conditions which regularly present. This helps your practice to prevent missed charges and reduces stock quantity, adds value to the bottom line and allows you to present an itemised bill to the client. With the click of a button a standard list of chargeable items will appear on the invoice which can be easily amended or deleted, as appropriate. The procedure function will allow for the automatic increase of prices when costs increase, thereby maintaining margin.


VetSCOPE enables you to send statements via email, saving you time and money. There are several different statement types to choose from, but the most common allows you to print an invoice/statement for a particular month or range of months. It details the line items for each docket and provides a running balance throughout the report, making it easy to understand and reducing client queries.


All bills and payments automatically integrate with the included accounting module provided by VetSCOPE. The accounting module includes full sales ledger, purchase ledger, nominal ledger, banking and stock control.


If you are converting from a card based system VetSCOPE will undoubtedly make your practice more efficient. If you are converting from a computer based system then let us transfer the data for you. We have successfully converted over 200 practices from other computer systems to VetSCOPE where they are enjoying the benefits our unique system has to offer.


  • Prescription label printing
  • Integrated accounts system
  • Sales and purchase ledger
  • Report by veterinary surgeon
  • VAT accounting
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Fully searchable database design
  • Fully networkable
  • Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad compatible

“When I went out on my own, VetSCOPE were able to give me great advice on the computer hardware I needed  – they even recommended an inverter for my Jeep. I’m now fully mobile with VetSCOPE and can print invoices, statements, prescriptions and labels; all on the go. The quality of the telephone support I receive has been excellent. They can talk me through using VetSCOPE step by step, remotely.

James Coffey, Mountmellick Co. Loise

“We are a mixed practice based in Newtownards Co. Down with 15 vets and 30 staff. We installed VetSCOPE in 2016, replacing a UK based software system. The changeover went very smoothly. We’ve found VetSCOPE to be a very comprehensive package and very easy to use. VetSCOPE were happy to develop their software to take into account the suggestions we made to meet our requirements. We now have 10 large animal vets using the VetSCOPE App for entering their calls and writing prescriptions. The efficiency of this is essential to our practice and has made a noticeable difference to our bottom line. During the recent COVID-19 restrictions, VetSCOPE were very helpful in getting users to work remotely from home.”

Andy Mayne, Jubilee Veterinary Centre, Newtownards, Co. Down

VetSCOPE for farm animals

VetSCOPE software has many features which are designed specifically for large animal practices.
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