What is PIP?

VetSCOPE uses Purchase Invoice Processing (PIP) to link with your wholesaler to help you manage stock and pricing with just a few clicks.

Expand your capabilities with PIP.


Grow your practice

Manage stock and pricing

Purchase Invoice Processing (PIP) is an exciting new service available through VetSCOPE. PIP gives you full access to wholesalers’ price lists and allows you to order stock through any VetSCOPE computer in your network.

PIP makes ordering of stock and non-stock items simple and straightforward. Once your order is complete the system will inform you, in real time, as to how much of it can be fulfilled.

The system also enables you to download an invoice for this order which can be imported immediately into VetSCOPE. With PIP the days of manual entry of stock quantities, batch numbers, expiry dates and pricing are over.

PIP’s automated and accurate data will cut the time needed to manage stock, freeing up staff resources to be used where you need them most in your practice.

  • Order Online – Create your order in PIP and send it electronically to your supplier

  • Confirm delivery – Immediate order acknowledgement confirms delivery times and highlights shortages

  • Update your VetSCOPE price list – PIP always contains your suppliers’ current pricing which can be passed through to the retail price, keeping the stock in hand at the optimum profit level

  • Download and review wholesaler invoices – This includes pricing, stock quantities, batch and expiry dates

  • Post to VetSCOPE – All invoices and credit notes can be posted directly to the purchase ledger

  • Update stock control – Increase stock and add new batch numbers and expiry dates as required

  • Save staff time – Redeploy staff to more useful tasks as PIP saves data input time and accuracy

Why choose PIP?

PIP won’t just save you time but it can save you money too, potentially thousands of Euros a year. Using PIP, you can automatically adjust retail prices to reflect supplier price increases, this ensures the appropriate commercial markup on all your sales, at all times.

What does it cost to implement?

€150 Registration fee^

€550 Annual licence fee*

^Registration fee per wholesaler.
*This covers the cost of installation and support for a practice of up to three users. Additional charges will apply for larger operations.

Prices exclude VAT at 23 per cent.

Please note, VetSCOPE v14+ is required to operate PIP.

Watch our instructional video above to see how PIP can help your practice.

“Reviewing cost price increases used to take me a couple of hours each week, I can now do this in confidence in minutes. Having the system fully integrated means that the majority of our purchase invoices are now entered automatically.”

Gerry O'Dowd, O’Dowd Veterinary Hospital, Ardee and Dunleer, Co. Louth

“The hours we spend inputting supplier invoices from our main wholesaler can now be put to much better use. Our weekly schedule now has so much extra capacity that we can invest better in customer relationships through herd health schemes and marketing strategies. VetSCOPE has proven, yet again, that they are an invaluable member of our team.”

Pat Devine, Lismore Vets, Lismore, Co. Waterford

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