VetSCOPE has recently implemented seamless integration with the Zoetis Fuse laboratory equipment system, significantly streamlining the process of ordering and managing tests. This enhanced functionality offers a more efficient and user-friendly experience for veterinary professionals.

  • Streamlined Test Management: VetSCOPE’s integration with Zoetis Fuse simplifies the process of ordering and managing tests for veterinary professionals.
  • Effortless Test Requests: Users can conveniently request individual tests or test series directly within VetSCOPE, saving time and effort.
  • Error-Free Data Transfer: The system automatically transfers all necessary test-related information, including animal details and client information, reducing the risk of manual errors.
  • Accessible Result Retrieval: Test results are easily accessible in a clear and user-friendly format, with options to view them numerically or as downloadable PDFs.
  • Improved Communication: The versatility in result presentation allows for seamless sharing with clients or referring veterinarians, and results can be promptly emailed.
  • Networked Efficiency: VetSCOPE and the Fuse equipment are interconnected on the same network, facilitating the ordering and retrieval of tests from any VetSCOPE-enabled computer within the network.
  • Enhanced Workflow: This integration enhances accessibility and promotes a seamless workflow, resulting in a more efficient and effective process for veterinary professionals.