GDPR and you
On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a piece of EU-wide legislation, came into effect. GDPR requires additional safeguards around disclosure and consent regarding your personal information that we use. In our full compliance with this requirement, please find the below information.

Who we are
VetSCOPE is owned wholly by Lawler Developments Limited; an Irish company based in Dublin that was established in 1997. Any reference to “VetSCOPE”, “us” or “we” used in this information also means Lawler Developments Limited.

What data we require
The personal data we need from you is basic data; such as your name, address, contact details and any banking information for our billing. We do not collect any other personal data such as age, gender or internet activity. We do not employ any digital applications that passively gather any other personal details.

Why we need the personal information we collect
The personal information we require is used for record keeping and accounting. This information is legally required for activity such as billing, audit and issuing VetSCOPE licenses. At times, we may also use your personal information in order to contact you with additional information, such as upcoming training course dates, upgrades and new products.

Your data and third parties
We do not share your personal details with any third parties that traffic in data collection, such as direct marketers. If a situation arrises where a third party is needed; for example: debt collecting, you will be notified before hand. 

For clients who use the SMS messaging service in VetSCOPE: the details you provide to us for the service is shared with the messaging service provider who is based outside the EU (Republic of South Africa). Your details are used by this third party only for the purpose of providing the SMS service.

How long we hold you data for
We hold your information as long as  you are a client and for a period of time afterwards in order to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. We do not hold it any longer than what is necessary.

How we keep your data safe
The personal data you provide to us is stored in a secure location. All data is safeguarded from both physical damage and digital threats, such as viruses and data theft.

We will contact you regarding any consent that is needed for the information we have. We will ensure to use a quick and straight forward method for the completion of this process.

Your rights under the GDPR
Under the new legislation, you have several rights regarding your personal data. This includes your right to:

  • Receive a copy of your data
  • Correct any inaccuracies in your data 
  • Withdrawal of your consent at anytime
  • Lodge a complaint with a Data Protection Authority

Click on the button below to go to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner website with further information about your rights under the GDPR

Best practices for you and your clients
The GDPR impacts everyone; this includes your clients. You are responsible for making sure your veterinary practice is compliant. VetSCOPE can facilitate a best practices approach in regards to the client data that you have stored in it. We can provide further information about this, however; we are not responsible for making your practice compliant and we cannot offer any legal advice.

Some useful first steps to take
Here are some useful first steps to take when approaching how GDPR impacts your practice:

  • Identify what client information you hold. By knowing exactly what information you store, you will know what is impacted by the legislation.
  • Identify how you obtained it. As consent is key to the GDPR, a review of the consent you have already received from your clients can help you understand what is still needed.
  • Identify exactly what you use the client information for. How you use your client information has different implications under the legislation.
  • Identify if you share any of your client’s  information. For example: if you need to provide us with a backup of your VetSCOPE system, you need to ensure that your clients have consented to allowing a 3rd party (VetSCOPE) access.

VetSCOPE Software and GDPR
We have implemented some new functions in VetSCOPE to ensure you can track your complience for each client. Each client will be either Approved, Restricted or marked for deletion. Vaccine reminders and mailshots will automatically exclude unapproved clients from any communication. To send a copy of a persons data, goto their client record and click on the copy button to the right of the search box. The details can then be pasted into an email and sent to the party concerned.

Further information
For further information about the GDPR, please click on the link to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner website


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